3 Swimming pools Track and field Cycling Forest arena
Football Beach soccer Crossfit Extreme sports
Basketball Beach volleyball Trampoline Shooting
Volleyball Ping pong Tae kwon do Archery
Tennis Mini golf Roller skating Parkour
Horse riding Aerobics Zumba Dancing
Badminton Art workshop Handball Water sports
Drama workshop Chess The game  

Our camp offers 30 different sports activities. A group of 80 trainers is responsible for the daily sports programme. Each trainer welcomes the children and explains basic facts about the activity he is responsible for. Due to our daily rotating schedule children have the opportunity to get to know all of our activities during their stay.

In 2015, we created the new "Sports centre", an area of 35.000 square metres. The sports centre hosts new and already excisting sports activities. Moreover, in the area there are bathrooms, showers, a canteen and a resting area.
Visit the each sports activity to find out more.