About us

Our vision is to create a small beautiful society especially for children. Children are the leading characters and our daily duty is to guide them and help them discover their own path in life. A small society where we combine several sport activities, entertainment and education with main target to develop better individuals and foster an atmosphere of cooperation and friendship.

We strongly believe that the camp is not just a summer holidays: Our goal is to offer children days of joy in a beautiful natural environment. Through team work, games and the daily programme we have created a small, structured and organized society. While playing and having fun, children learn to: respect and accept diversity, believe in equality and to work in teams. Our programme aims to develop both body and spirit through sports, entertainment and education.

Year 1986

A group of close friends conceive the idea of starting a summer camp for children who live in Thessaloniki.

Year 1987
Construction begins
Year 1988
This is the first year the camp opens for guests. "Athlorama", the first section of bungalows, is fully operating with 8 bungalows, one swimming pool, a basketball court, volleyball court, trampolines and target shooting.
Year 1989
"Athlorama" section expands. It now has 28 bungalows and more sports activities are available.
Year 1990
"Panorama", another section for older children, is complete and ready to accommodate campers. Moreover, a football field, a horse riding ground, a tennis court and an art workshop are included in the facilities available.

Year 1995
We introduced English language and computer classes to our programme.

Year 1996
The second swimming pool is constructed.
Year 1997
Another section of bungalows is built suitable for children aged 5 to 9 years old.
Year 1999
Two more five-a-side football courts are added with floodlights for evening matches.
Year 2001
A new area for aerobics and a Tae-Kwon-Do hall are completed.
Year 2003
Handball courts are created and a second horse riding ground is available.
Year 2006
The biggest towers for extreme sports in any Greek summer camp are constructed and fully operational. Along with this, new areas for target shooting and archery are available.

Year 2007
This is the year that changed the history of the summer camp. By now the camp is more fully equipped than ever before, hosting all athletic installations.
Winter time 2007
Skouras family club is created. It is a club for all the people working for the camp and aims to fulfill one of the biggest needs in any successful organization: to keep all staff members in close contact throughout the year.

Year 2008
The new playground at "Pefkorama" greatly upgrades the sports programme.

Year 2009
We upgraded the basketball and volleyball court with special tartan.
Winter time 2009
The volunteering actions of the camp started to grow. We participated in the WORLD TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS (IAAF 2009). Also we participated in the International Marathon “Alexander the Great”, and many other events in Thessaloniki.

Year 2010
New sports have been added to the programme. Roller Skates and Yoga while we developed special facilities to support this action.
Winter time 2010
Our camp participates in the Roller ski World cup with its volunteers. Moreover, our camp's chief together with a small group of volunteers  participated in the Athens Clasical Marathon. We were also selected by the Organising Committee of the ATHENS SPECIAL OLYMPICS to host international athletes.

Year 2011
Parkour is added to our sports activities. Moreover we rebuild the two swimming pools.

Year 2012

We rebuilt part of our facilities which now consist of several bungalows with a bathroom included.

Year 2013

A new section of bungalows - Kentrorama is created. We rebuilt the restaurant and the medical centre. A new dance hall is created.

  • We offer a perfect place for children due to our facilities
  • Children can practice in 24 different sports
  • We organize sleepovers at the sea side with guitars and songs
  • Our facilities include a  climbing tower and a flying fox
  • Each season we organize a safari
  • We have a fully organized entertainment programme and an entertainment team
  • Our facilities include a horse riding center
  • Our camp has two Olympic size pools
  • We have a winter programme with volunteering actions and events
  • We run a 6 week education cycle for our staff

However all the above are not the main reason we differ.

Our difference lays  in  our strong belief, that we have been given the privilege to take care, to raise and to love your children and that by making them better individuals and teaching them to live with values such as respect, honesty, trust and love for each other, we make a contribution to a better society and a better future.

Christos Skouras - Director
Panos Skouras – Chief
Napoleon Demos – Honorary President
Nantia Skoura – Public Relations Responsible
Kiki Skoura- Supply manager
Nikolina Stamatiadou – Secretariat Responsible
Voula Legou – Secretariat Responsible
Harrys Terzidis – Section Responsible
Kirki Athanasiadou – Section Responsible 
Giorgos Margiolos - Section responsible
Vicky Atmatzidou - Section responsible
Katerina Apostolou – Camp Psychologist
Niki Sarigianni Trainers Responsible

Every year we participate in the organizing committees of the biggest athletic events in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece. The Social Responsibility Programme we have aims to contribute to the development of volunteerism and sports and this is why we are recognized and rewarded by the most important institutions in Greece.

Some recent examples are:

  • Our camp has been selected by the organizing committee of Special Olympic Athens 2011 to host international delegations , June 2011
  • We have been rewarded by the Ministry of Sports and SEGAS, for our contribution as volunteers in the World Track & Field Championship, May 2010
  • We have been rewarded by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki for our Volunteering Contribution in the city of Thessaloniki, October 2010.
  • We have been rewarded by the International Ski Federation for our participation in the FIS ROLLER SKI WORLD CUP FINALS 2010, October 2010
  • We have been rewarded by the Volunteerism section of World Athletics Final for our contribution in the development of the idea of volunteerism in Greece, November 2009