Daily menu


Milk, tea, butter, jam or honey, bread, cheese pie, sweet pie (bougatsa) etc.

Afternoon snack
The afternoon snack includes something special everyday such as croissant, ice cream, fruit jelly, creams, cake and a variety of snacks.

Lunch Chicken with rice, peas and carrots, salad
Dinner Macaroni with meat balls in tomato sauce, feta cheese

Lunch Pork meat with baked potatoes, salad
Dinner Calzone and juice

Lunch Fish fingers with baked potatoes and carrots or lentils, salad
Dinner Penne carbonara, feta cheese

Lunch Baked pasta with sauce and meat, feta cheese, yogurt sauce (tzatziki)
Dinner Pizza and juice

Lunch Steak with french fries or green beans, salad
Dinner Spaghetti Bolognese, feta cheese and salad 

Lunch “Soutzoukakia” (minced meat ball) with rice, salad
Dinner Hot dog

Lunch Schnitzel with mashed potatoes, salad
Dinner Hamburger

*All meals are accompanied with daily bread and fruit
*The menu of the camp is developed by a qualified team of dietitians in order to ensure the served food meets the dietary needs of the children. This team controls the preparation process of the meals and the ingredients used in order to offer high quality meals each day. 
*The menu may differ due to possible shortage of certain supplies or any other important reason