Winter activities

9th international Marathon "Alexander the Great"

Our camp participated in the biggest and most significant sport event in Northern Greece, the 9th International Marathon "Alexander the Great". Many people of various ages from Greece and abroad participated in the race.

World Athletics Finals

On 12-13 September 2009 the World Athletics Finals took place in Thessaloniki. Skouras camp participated activelty providing the event with 300 volunteers which were campers, parents and staff of our camp.

Volunteers' awards

After the International Marathon "Alexander the Great", Skouras camp together with the organizing committee of the Marathon organized the “Volunteers’ awards”, a celebration that took place at the Convention Center Vellidio on April 16. The event was attended by Ms. Maria Paschalidou - Deputy Mayor of Youth, Sports and Volunteers, Ms.

Special olympics

Our camp was selected by the Athens Special Olympics 2011 organizing committee to host 80 athletes from the Turkish delegation for a short period of time. The athletes were shown our camp's facilities, met young campers and participated in the sports programme. In their free time they had fun around the pool, a few days before their participation in the Athens Special Olympics.

Participation in the 76th TIF

Skouras camp participated in the “76th Thessaloniki International Fair” for a very important purpose. Our team of volunteers participated in the SQUART project (interactive painting in a square). Specifically, volunteers painted their bodies, colored the wall constructed for this project and that way created a giant colorful table.

Other events

Throughout the winter time, we attend dozens of events taking place in Thessaloniki, either as organisers, co-organisers or as volunteers.
-Participation in the race “AETHLOS” with 20 volunteers, March 2011
-Participation in the 20th Conference of Greek Aerobic Fitness School, March 2011

Excursion to Bansko

Every year the camp organizes a winter trip to Bansko. So this year (27-29 of December) around 100 campers, team leaders, group leaders, trainers and special guests gathered to spend a 3-day excursion that had it all. Friends - mountain - snow - parties - spa - dancing - food - sauna – and lots of fun.

Badminton Federation Award

 On 19th February 2012 the Hellenic Badminton Federation organized a big event to celebrate the arrival of New Year at National Gymnasium of Mikra in Thessaloniki. During the event/ ceremony the people that contributed in the growth and evolution of the Sport and the Federation itself were awarded. Among the awarded winners, was the Chief of our camp, Panos Skouras.

Athens Classical Marathon



Alexander the Great Marathon

Our camp participated for a second consecutive year in a very significant sports event in Northern Greece, the International Marathon "Alexander the Great". Many people of various ages from Greece and abroad participated in the race. Our camp was there sponsoring the event and assisting with dozens of volunteers offering their services in the 1000 metres race of the elementary students .