Staff applications

Skouras camp application 2018

Application Period: Beginning of February

Those who are interested in becoming part of our staff this summer should fill out the online application form before the above deadline.

The application form is HERE

After filling out the form, you can choose a date for an interview through Skype HERE


!  Applications will be accepted only by applicants who are at least 18 years old.

!  Without having an interview, no one can be accepted as a staff of our camp.

!  Should anyone be interested in another position (i.e. becoming the camp’s doctor, nurse, cooking staff etc.),

   applicant should contact us via email.

!  Please read the information uploaded on the section called STAFF carefully, before filling out the application form.

Skouras Sports and Language Camp is located in Nees Fokies, Chalkidiki, one of the most famous summer resorts in Northern Greece. The camp has been operating since 1988 and thousands of children have had so far, a unique lifetime experience visiting us.

We offer unforgettable summer holidays to children and teens aged 6 to 16, combining education, sports and entertainment in a very well organised programme that includes many daily activities, games and sports that all kids enjoy. What is more, all these are included in an area full of sunshine and crystal waters (5 min. walk to the beach) in the middle of a forest of pine-trees.

i) The structure of the camp

Skouras camp structure











ii)The structure of a sections

Skouras camp section structure
















8:00 – 8:30

Wake up

8:30 – 9:00


9:00 – 9:30

Clean up the houses and personal belongings

9:30 – 10:00

Inspection (sometimes combined with a group shout)

10:00 – 12:30

Sea program*

Children swim supervised by their team leader, group leader and the life guards. They can also practice on a variety of water sports such as canoeing, beach volleyball etc.

13:00 - 13:45


14:00 – 17:00

Midday rest or English lessons

During this time, all children rest inside their houses together with their team leader. During this time they can play table games or get ready for the entertainment program.

17:00 – 17:15

Afternoon snack

17:15 – 19:00

Sports schedule*

It is divided into two hours of activities. Each group visits 2 different sports activities per day. In each sport activity there is a trainer who welcomes the children and makes sure they are properly trained and entertained.

19:00 – 19:40

Hobby hour

Children choose the activity they are more interested in and are involved in a training program.

20:00 – 20:45


21:00 – 23:00

Entertainment program

Every day we organize an entertainment activity and various events (theater, singing, disco, masque parties, contests, games etc.). We also organize excursions to the nearby villages, overnights in the sea side etc.

23:30- 24:00

Bed time (differs according to the age of the campers)





























*This is a sample. The program may be adjusted based on the specific needs of the children/ group.

1.   Team leaders

In the morning

We wake up the children, we help them get ready and dress up and then we head to the restaurant to have breakfast.

At breakfast, we serve the children and then we join them at the table. Once we're done, we start cleaning the tables we are responsible for.

After breakfast we return to the room and help the children to tidy the room and their personal belongings. After showing them how to do it, we supervise the process.

Activities – Sea- Pool

Then we prepare ourselves and the kids for the activities, the sea or the pool.

For the sports schedule:

Group leaders announce the daily sports program to the team leaders.

Children should be properly dressed (sports clothing, hat, sunscreen, sneakers, a bottle of water).

After preparing our team we head to the sport activity that we have in our programme. We try to be on time. During the sport activity, we help the trainer, we play with the kids and pay attention to those who don’t participate, while trying to motivate and encourage them to do so.

For the pool:

We make sure that all children are properly dressed and prepared (swimsuit, flip-flops, and towel) and we head to the pool area as a team. Before entering the pool everyone should take a quick shower (there are showers next to the pool).

Kids together with their leader, get into the pool following the lifeguard’s instructions. No one is allowed to enter the pool without a leader.  Pay attention to those children who can’t swim, so that they stay at the shallow side of the pool.

For the sea:

We make sure that all children are properly dressed and prepared (swimsuit, hat, sunscreen, flip-flops, and towel). When we arrive at the beach, leaders head to the sea and kids follow them into the water. Please be careful of dangerous plunges and remind the kids to remain inside the designated area (inside the safety line). While we’re getting ready to go back, we check if all of our campers are next to us and then we return to the camp all together.

We make sure that all the kids take a shower after visiting the pool or the sea.

Noon – Lunch – Midday rest

At noon, we are getting ready for lunch. At the restaurant, we serve the children and then we join them at the table. Once we're done, we start cleaning the tables we are responsible for.

After lunch, we have the midday rest, and some children have their English lessons. During the midday rest, all children stay inside the houses with their team leader. They can either play table games or get ready for the entertainment program.

After the snack, we are getting ready for the sports schedule, the pool or for the sea (see description above). 


After finishing with the activities, we are getting ready for the dinner. At the restaurant, we serve the children and then we join them at the table. Once we're done, we start cleaning the tables we are responsible for.

Entertainment activities – Bedtime

Every night we organize a different activity and various events (theatre, singing, disco, masque parties, contests, games etc.). We also organize excursions to the nearby villages, overnights at the seaside etc.  The participation of the leaders in all these activities is the key of success. Team leaders motivate the children to actively participate in the games and the activities.

When the evening program ends, we go back to our section and put the campers in their beds. We remain inside the room until all children fall asleep.

Accidents- Illnesses

In our camp there’s also a medical centre, consisted of two doctors and two nurses. In case of an accident or an illness, we help the camper reach the medical centre in order to be provided with the appropriate medical care. During this time, we should inform our group leader or another team leader to pay attention to the other campers of ours. If necessary, there is an infirmary, where campers can stay until they fully recover.



Group meetings

During the day, each group leader meets with his team leaders, so as to inform them about the daily schedule (sports schedule, night entertainment) or to give them some advice about the daily routine. In any case, campers should never be unattended. This means that collaboration between the members of each section, from the section manager to each and every team leader, is more than essential.


*Team leaders are mainly working in shifts, announced by the section leader so that the campers are continuously supervised, and at the same time team leader will rest during the day. English teachers participate in the daily program when team leaders rest.



2.   Trainers

Our camp offers 30 different sports activities. A group of 80 trainers is responsible for the daily sports program. Each trainer welcomes the children and explains basic facts about the activity he is responsible for. His role is to motivate children, help them and entertain them. Trainers work together with the team leaders in order to ensure the program and its goals are implemented.

Due to our daily rotating schedule children have the opportunity to get to know all of our activities during their stay. There's also the "hobby hour" where children get to practice their favorite activity. The activities offered at Skouras camp are:



3 outdoor swimming pools

horse riding

drama workshop

Extreme sports

1 mini swimming pool


track and field

14 & 8 metre climbing tower

7 basketball courts



14 metre rappel tower

1 mini basketball courts


hip hop / street dance

flying fox (zip line)

1 football court 11x11


modern dance

4 tibetan bridges

1  football court 8x8


latin dance


2 football courts 5x5

arts and crafts

Greek traditional dances


4 volleyball courts

mini golf



2 mini volleyball courts

roller skating

Water sports


2 badminton courts


water polo

forest arena

4 tennis courts




2 beach volley courts


Scuba diving (extra charge)


3 beach soccer fields








There are some special nights in the entertainment program that the kids like very much and they are also very important for the camp.

>International night: A night with traditional dances from different countries and many other cultural events.        

>Masque pool party: A party next to the pool in which we are all dressed up in handmade, innovative costumes.

>Sport tournaments: Tournaments which take place between several teams and there are also winners who win special prizes.

>Song Contests: It’s a contest where the groups compose a song with special lyrics and they sing it in front of the other groups.    

>Games (Boys VS Girls): Several games and competitions. This night takes place at the camp’s theatre and we have 2 competitors. The boys’ team and the girls’ team.

>Treasure hunting: a fun game where we search for hints and hidden objects. There are several missions to complete and riddles to solve.

>Overnight at the seaside: We play guitar, we light a fire, we sing, we dance and eventually we fall asleep in our sleeping back next to the sea.






·       The camp is divided into different and autonomous sections.

·       Each section holds built bungalows with bunk beds.

·       Each Bungalow includes a bathroom and can host 8 – 10 children plus 1 team leader.

·       Our staff (teachers, trainers etc.) sleeps in rooms of up to 6 people with a shared bathroom.

·       Large number of shared bathrooms, both interior and exterior, for your personal hygiene.

·       There is no laundry room in the camp. The closest one is at a village close to the camp (charge approximately 5 euros per time)



  • There are 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner).
  • The menu is prix fixe.
  • Team/ Group leaders serve the food to the campers.
  • Dishes, cutlery and food remainings should be brought by the campers to the


  • Trainers/coaches/teachers are responsible to leave the campers’ tables clean.
  • Also, they should clean their own table after eating.
  • Meal times should be strictly followed. If your group is late, the kitchen might

not be able to serve you properly.


Safety – Medical centre

•    Experienced team leaders are always on duty to care for the children.

•    Qualified life guards and trainers accompany the kids to the pool, the sea and coach them during all their sports activities.

•    The camp has its own security guards and a security team ensures the campers are safe 24 hours a day.

•    The camp has a fully equipped medical centre which operates 24 hours.

•    The staff consists of two doctors, three nurses and a stand by driver in case of an emergency.

•    The medical centre is supported by two health centres: Kassandra (11 km away from the camp) and Moudania (15 km away from the camp). For more serious occurrences we use the hospital in Thessaloniki.

•    The camp provides medical care for all children.

•    In case one of the campers has a medical problem we take him to the medical center and inform his/her teacher/trainer.

•    If the doctor decides the camper has to sleep in there, we transfer him directly to the camp’s medical center (Surely, this happens in case of high fever and vomiting).



·       The camp provides Wi-Fi access

·       The camp has a kiosk (water, refreshments, snacks)

·       The closest village to the camp is Nees Fokies which is located 1,5 Km away from the camp (15 minutes on foot).There you can find a super market and many shops.



·         Campers are not allowed to leave the camp without their parents (or their group leader in case of an excursion.

·         Everyone should respect the midday rest and sleeping hours.

·         Everyone should respect each other at the camp.

·         Alcohol is not allowed at the camp.

·         Smoking is permitted in designated areas and not in front of children.

·         Valuable items should be stored at the camp’s safe.

·         Our camp is not taking any responsibility on possible loss of items.

under wear 



swim suit

shower gel

bag for the laundry


tooth paste



tooth brush

cream for insects bites

casual clothes


excursion bag

flip flops

pillow cases








Our camp takes care of your picking up from the airport of Thessaloniki (SKG), your transportation to the camp, as well as, your dropping off.