Our camp each year hosts children of different ages (6 – 16 years old) in different sections.

The sections are: "Panorama", "Peukorama", "Athlorama" , "Xylorama", "Kentrorama" and "Trenorama"
Children are allocated into rooms based on their gender, age, friends and the specific programme they are attending.



Team leader: Team leaders are responsible for one house of 8 – 10 children, they take care of the kids all day long and are responsible to direct, guide and inspire them. All team leaders attend a six-month training cycle and at the end they are being interviewed by the camp’s chief.

Group leader: The group leader is responsible for coaching and supporting of 4 – 5 team leaders and their houses. 

Section leaders: Section leaders ensure the good function of their section and they are responsible for everyone in it. 

Chief: The chief is the overall responsible for the camp.