Safety- Medical centre


  • Our experienced team leaders are 24 hours available and are always on duty to care for the children
  • Qualified life guards and trainers accompany the kids to the pool, the sea and coach them during all their sports activities
  • Each section has its own security guard, and these guards combined with a larger security team ensure the campers are safe 24 hours a day 

Medical Centre

  • The camp has a fully equipped medical centre which operates 24 hours
  • The staff consists of two doctors, two nurses and a stand by driver in case of an emergency
  • Our medical centre is supported by two health centres: Cassandra (11 km away from the camp) and Moudania (15 km away from the camp). For more serious occurrences we are supported by the General Hospital of Polugyros.
  • Our camp provides full medical care for all children.