How to teach 2 languages to your child?


The best method for teaching your child a second language depends on the degree of fluency you’re interested in.

For expatriate or bicultural families where mastering two languages is absolutely necessary, an immersion program might be the answer. 

In full (total) immersion programs, which are available in a limited number of schools, children learn all of their subjects in the second language. Partial immersion programs operate on the same principle, but only a portion of the curriculum is presented in the second language.

Children enrolled in immersion programs work toward full proficiency in the second language and usually reach a higher level of competence than those participating in other language programs.”

If your goal is just to give your child a head-start by teaching a second language at a young age, your best bet is making it seem like a game. There are tons of great videos, books, CDs, and computer games that teach second languages, but the results will be most effective if you and your child practice the language together. When setting the table for dinner, have your child name each item in the second language.Go to the zoo and call all the animals by name in the second language.

The more fun it seems, the more likely your child will be to want to learn the language, and the key to real learning is consistency. Try to play at least one game, read one book, or watch one video each day to do some language learning. A sure (and fun) way to develop your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and mental health is to play with your officemates, children, grandchildren and friends.